• ID-Mounted

      Pipe Beveling Machine
      Easy set-up & Operation
      Light weight & compact design
      Pneumatic and Electric type
    • Clamshell Pipe Cold

      Cutting and Beveling Machine
      Split Frame
      Cut/Bevel simultaneously
      Pneumatic, hydraulic
      and electric type
    • Self Centering

      Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine
      Self-Centering, fast installation
      Compact structure
      Cold Cut/Bevel
    • Auto-Feed

      Pipe Beveling Machine
      Speed adjustable
      Tool feed/back automatically
      Original METABO Motor
    • Handheld

      Plate Beveling Machine
      Compact Design
      METABO Motor
      Ideal for curve beveling
    • On-Site

      Flange Facing Machine
      On site working
      New product
      Will coming soon