40 Million Tons Project: Diesel hydrocracking unit
    date / 2019-08-13 13:55:48  read /
    This is an ongoing project owned by Zhejiang Petrochemical, located in Zhoushan, Ningbo.
    It is a new project of 40 Million Tons per year diesel hydrocracking unit
    It has attracted the attention of premier Mr.Li keqiang.
    It is an extremely important project, but only one of the projects in the Yushan island.
    China intends to build zhoushan into a petrochemical base here.

    Because of the Lincoln welding material problem, it needs to be rewelded now.
    Our job is to re-cut the existing welding seam to make new preparation for welding.
    A group of 8 of us brought 7 units clamshell from 4" upto 36".
    Sinopec requires us to complete more than 600 cuts and bevels within 15 days, which is a tough job, and we will try our best to finish it.
    As it is a new project, there is no requirement for explosion protection, so we used electric and hydraulic driven pipe cold cutting and beveling machines.

    One typical cut and bevel job:
    Pipe Material:TP321
    Pipe Size:30"x56mm
    Beveling requirement:Compound beveling 30+12deg.

    Now the project is halfway through and everything is going well
    We are sure that we can do a good job and make the owners happy.

    We are NODHA !