Self Centering  Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine
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    Adopt high strength & precision ring structure, apply for pipe cutting and beveling, especially for batch working of cutting & beveling, very high efficiency.
    Adopt METABO motor: low noise, long life, stable performance and perfect speed adjustable function, with CE certificate.
    METABO Motor: 1300W 6.0A


    Self-centering, make the installation much faster
    Compact structure and good appearance, high strength aluminum body
    Adopt new synchronous feeding mechanism, feeding uniformity, tool bits has longer working life.
    Easy set-up, operation and maintain.
    Cutting & beveling finished at same time, high working efficiency.
    Cold working, no spark, won’t make the material affected.
    Perfect working precision, no burrs
    Well-adapted, you can make the speed adjust depend on the working conditions.


    Tool Bits