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    Shipment in July, to Russia, Nigeria, Singpore...
    date / 2020-07-31 15:50:00  read /

    Shipment in July:
    Handheld plate beveling machine went to Korea
    26"-32" split frame pipe cold cutting and beveing machine went to Russia
    14" ID Mounted pipe beveling machine went to U.S.
    3"-24" Flange facing machine went to Saudi Arabia
    3" Pipe Beveller went to India
    2"-14" pipe cutting and beveing machine, totally 7 units went to Singapore
    1" and 3" pipe prep. totally 5 units went to Singapore
    1 unit plate beveling machine went to Taiwan
    8"-36" clamshell pipe cold cutting and beveling machine, totally 6 unit went to Nigeria
    3 units 3" pipe beveling tool went to Thailand Boiler factory
    2 units AF-63 both Pneumatic and Electric driven went to Australia
    1 units AF-63E went to Israel

    Appreciate for all support!!