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    Letter to the clients - Nodha
    date / 2020-02-20 10:52:03  read /

    Dear customers,


    In the past period of time, on the occasional of all Chinese people will celebrate the New Year holiday, a sudden new corona virus spread in Wuhan, and the returning home people also contributed to the spread of the virus. When we realized that the virus is more and more serious, our government and people took decisive measures: we isolated at home, go out less, has been to block the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, Wuhan and the surrounding cities have already spread and started to spread to other provinces and cities, so we have taken more stringent measures to cut off the source of the virus. Fortunately, through our efforts, we defeated the virus, and now we are back to work partly. I am proud of the hard work and sacrifice of our doctors and nurses, and the steadfastness and support of our people and government.


    In the course of the Chinese people's fight against the virus, we have seen a lot of crazy rumors on the Internet, and even regrettably there are some places where there is discrimination against Chinese people, which is very sad.

    Of course, we received more care and support from many countries, we must formally appreciate the governments and people from the following countries: Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Trinidad, etc., it's diffcults to list all. Thank you for sending us urgently needed medical supplies such as face masks, protective clothing and medical equipment during our difficult time. Your love and support have made us more confident to fight against the virus.

    A friend in need is a friend indeed. In order to express our thanks to all the customers supported China during the outbreak of the virus, and we are sorry for the delay in our work, we have decided to give a 3% discount to all customers'  orders in 2020. (Please contact sales for details)


    We will try our best to make up the work delay in the short time, thank you for your understanding and support, and we will continue to provide good products and services, thank you.

    Now the situation become better, our factory resume part of production, and we estimate need 2 weeks more to get back to normal, will keep updates to you, thank you.

    ?NODHA Management