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    Customer from Mexico train in the factory
    date / 2018-06-21 10:38:42  read /
    In June. 19, our customers from Mexico visited factory and took a training here. They bought eight machines, including 8 pipe cutting and beveling machines ODP-168, ODP-377, ODP-457, ODP-610 and 1 pipe beveling machine V3P.
    The courses of training includes the following 5 parts: how to split the frame, how to mount the clamshell on pipeline, how to square the machine to the pipe, how to cente and how to set the tool bits.
    After three hours of training, our customers have had a comprehensive understanding of machines and could operate them expertly. 

    Thank you for coming to our factory and it's a nice cooperation with you. Hope we can have more cooperation in the near future!