OTC 2018 Houston, USA
    date / 2018-05-18 09:18:45  read /
    This was the 50tn edition of the Offshore Technology Conference and it was our first time to attend the exhibition. For 50years, OTC has brought together executives, scientists, engineers, investors, and top buyers from around to the world to share cutting- edge technology, expertise and products.

    We showed our clamshell pipe cold cutting and beveling machine on the fair and visitors liked our split frame design very much. The split frame design allows the machine to split in half at the fram and mount around the OD of the in-line pipe or fittings for strong, stable clamping.

    As this show is well attended by both our international and domestic customers, it provides us a unique face to face opportunity to introduce and discuss our new product technologies and market strategies. OTC gives us a strategic gauge of the present market conditions and an outlook for the coming year.

    OTC provides a unique environment to connect with industry leaders representing every discipline and oil & gas producing region in the world. 

    We are very very glad to attend the exhibition and thanks for all visitors. We hope we can have the chance to establish coorperative relationship with visitors !!

    Exhibition: OTC 2018 
    Date: Apr.30- May. 3 2018
    Add: Houston, USA