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    The 22nd Beijing ESSEN Welding & Cutting Fair
    date / 2017-07-01 18:46:00  read /
    NODHA joined the Beijing Essen welding equipment fair from 2007, this is the 11th year we joined the 22th. It is the best opportunity to meet our customers and introduce our new product to the market.
    The new machine we take to the fair:
    Pipe Beveling machine with BOSCH motor
    China manufacturer all use traditional motor made in China, easy broken, including ours.
    After the hard work, we adopts the BOSCH motor to our machine successfully.
    Absolutely new VICTOR series Pipe Beveling Machine
    It can install 3 cutters, to do the facing, beveling and counter boring at same time.
    Ideal for automatic welding.
    Thanks for all visitors. Thanks for your time, see you 2018.