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    Customer from Middle East visit our factory
    date / 2017-09-18 18:27:00  read /
    Sep. 17-18 Customer from Dubai visited us.
    As per the conversation before coming, we arranged the air type 30”-36” OD-Mounted Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine, and 8”-14” aluminium body clamshell as well.
    In the field of oil and gas, air type machine is required. The power of air motor is very important.
    The power of our air motor is 3.77HP, tested by Atlas Copco device, the power is the guarantee of machine performance.
    Use the 8”-14” machine, we introduce the operation: how to split the frame, how to install it on the pipe, and how to centering it.
    Thank you Mr.Mohammad, thanks for your visiting.
    Hope we can built cooperation in the near future.